"I learned to use my DSLR camera from Kim in her training workshop and online course. She broke everything down to make it sound so simple, and I have never used anything but manual ever since! If you want to make use of your camera, for goodness sake don't even bother until you have done Kim's course! You will save yourself years of fumbling. I took Kim's workshop thinking I would do the course and that would be that. However Kim gives you online access to her expertise for a year after the course, which means you can ask questions whenever you are stumped on something. So I've been asking questions, and honestly, there are no words to describe just how much help she has given me. She goes WAAAAAY out of her way to help you, and even tells you things you didn't even ask about that are super helpful. I'm about to do a paid wedding next week, and it is 1000% thanks to her. And she has even helped with preparing for this shoot! If you are interested in photography, seriously, you will get thousands of dollars worth of help from this lady (that's if she can keep helping all of us like this!!). I wish I had the writing skills to explain how amazing and generous she is!!!"

~ Sarah Alloway, Sarah Alloway Photography


"I bumped into Kim at a market I was selling photographs at. In the months after we had a few conversations. I thought I knew quite a bit about photography but she suggested that I do her course and I found out how little I knew. I feel now that I have the knowledge so I can capture the photos that I want. It's no longer pure luck, it's skill to get that great shot. I have seen my photography come a long way by doing her course. And I am still pushing myself every time thanks to Kim. Her course is easy to follow and to understand. She is super generous with her knowledge and her time. I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get the most out of their camera, not just professionals."

~ Helen Eagleton, Helen Eagleton Photography


"I saw Kim to improve my current workflow, which was very time consuming, and to learn raw file editing. Having a one-on-one mentoring session was great - it was tailor suited to my needs and we had time for all my questions and for me to take notes of course! I went away with a good understanding of how to tackle different scenarios and a workflow that has already saved me hours of work! Kim went the extra mile and also helped me with several other things that I was struggling with. The session was not only very informative but also fun and full of laughs! Thanks Kim!"

~ Emma Steiner, Emma Steiner Photography


"I have been a member of LTSIM for just over a year now; I joined simply because I wanted to learn how to use my camera in 'M' mode. The lessons are very easy to understand and you are able to ask Q's along the way. Kim is very clear and thorough in the responses and explanations she gives, and ensures that you understand the information given. The culture of the whole group is awesome with everyone being very helpful and supportive. A lot of us locals have organised 'meet ups' and Kim is fantastically giving and generous with her knowledge and time, joining us when she can to provide additional tutoring. With Kim's help I have achieved far more than I ever hoped and in the words of my husband have become 'slightly obsessed' with photography."

~ Mandie Sparg


"I have only been doing Kim’s photography course for a short time and have already learned so much. The course is easy to read and as I learn more about photography I find myself going back to it regularly as more and more of it makes sense to me over time. Besides providing a course for how to shoot in manual, Kim is amazing at answering photography queries promptly also. If you have questions about photos or camera equipment she is always able to help. The challenges are great and they tend to push you out of your comfort zone in order to learn as much as possible about photography and what your camera can do. I highly recommend Kim Howells’ Learn to Shoot in Manual Photography Training course to anyone wanting to learn more about photography and ultimately how to shoot completely in manual. This is a wonderful opportunity. Go for it!"

~ Anna Pratt, Anna Pratt Photography


"I came to Kim for Photoshop training as a complete and total blank slate after being an avid Lightroom user for most of my journey. After two or so hours one on one with Kim I have come out with a better understanding of things that will not only help me in editing, but with my photography in general. I now can SEE what I never used to see. Her teaching methods and ways of explaining are fantastic and she adapts the way she teaches very quickly to suit the person she's with. I would recommend Kim completely whether you are just starting on your learning to shoot manual journey, or if you are looking for more in-depth training."

~ Ashleigh Burgess, Ashleigh Burgess Photographer


"What a great course Kim for learning how to shoot in manual. There is no way I would be able to learn all of this by reading the manual supplied with my camera! I loved the experimenting and boy there is a lot more experimenting to do. No doubt I will have to re-read your manual again and again until I gain knowledge but you have written it well for a numb-brain like me anyway lol (no offense to others)."

~ Rochelle Ansell


"Just a quick line to say thanks for everything you have taught me thus far – I love your patient kind approach and look forward to learning more with you in the future!"

~ Amanda Ritchie, Amanda Ritchie Photography


"I'd like to thank you for the lessons and chats you've had with me to encourage me along in my photography hobby. You've gently encouraged, and assisted where I needed it most, quietly and patiently mentoring me just enough to make me think for myself. Thank you."

~ Jason Christensen